In an the effort to assist owners to sell their vehicles, maximize their profits and simplify the sales process we offer an affordable, comprehensive consignment program.

Upfront Consignment fee:

The consignment fee covers the vehicles being cleaned in preparation for photography, comprehensive photos and posting to leading industry websites to attract the maximum number of real buyers. - $350.00

Inspection fee:

Most vehicles will require an updated North Carolina inspection prior to sale. - $30.00

Sales commission fee:

In an effort to simplify the sales process we will negotiate, on the owners behalf, the best possible price, facilitate pre-purchase inspections to confirm the vehicles true condition for potential buyers, handle deposits, wire transactions and payment, arrange trucking and delivery, etc. 4% of the final sale price with a minimum of - $2,000.00

Document fee: 

Prepare bills of sale, title paperwork & applications, accident and odometer disclosure forms, etc. - $499.00 (PAID BY BUYER)


Member Discounts: 

  • CECC Members will receive a 1% discount in sales commission with a $1500.00 minimum.

  • Owners Club Members will receive a 2% discount in sales commission with a $1000.00 minimum and NO UPFRONT CONSIGNMENT FEES.