Carolina Exotic Car Club is a private members-only club with three types of memberships. Each member must submit an application, be sponsored by an existing member and be invited by the “Owners Club” members. All members will have access to the clubhouse and facilities. A private conference room is available by appointment. Members will also receive discounts on repairs, maintenance, and consignment fees.


General Membership

$1,500 / YEAR

The Carolina Exotic Car Club, (CECC), is a private, membership only club which provides three paths to membership:

  1. Approved membership application

  2. Sponsorship by an existing member.

  3. Owners Club Committee approval.

  4. Personal Interview.

  5. By CECC Club Invitation.

Member benefits

  • Each member will receive an embossed membership card which must be presented, with ID.

  • Access to the clubhouse and facilities during normal business hours of

    9AM-8PM Monday-Friday. 9AM-6PM Saturdays. Clubhouse is closed on Sundays.

  • Access to weekly scheduled events.

  • Detail Services available for members.

  • Guests are welcome in the club as long as they’re accompanied by a member who will be responsible for their guests.

  • General members may bring one guest to CECC’s events without an entry fee. Additional guests attending CECC’s events will be subject to an entry fee charge of minimum $20/person.

  • Members may rent the clubhouse facility for private events, with in-house catering service available.

  • Discount on mechanical services (excluding parts) for all your vehicles.

Membership is $1,500 per year to be paid upon acceptance. Memberships will auto renew, on the card to which they were charged, unless CECC is notified 45 days prior to expiration.